With more than thirty-plus years in this business, the journey of SRK Creative started in 1984. In the year, 1984 Sandip Lab was established, three years their partners Rupam Lab and Kamal Lab joined. This gave the chain a common name SRK Creative way back in the year 2000.

SRK Creative is the name synonymous with professional and quality photography solutions. We pride in offering complete pro lab services to professional photographers throughout India, that is something unique to us.

If you are a wedding or portrait photographer or engaged in any other professional style of commercial photography, our customised and specialised service can provide you enhanced efficiency and profits.

Company History

1983 Started by Mr. Kirti Mehta, as Photographer in Photo Studio.
1984 Launched Sandip Photo Studio; own photo studio
Launched “Sandip Photo Studio” at 4 locations in Mumbai
1992 Launched “Sandip Colour Lab, Malad” as First Colour Lab
1993 Taken Over Roopam Colour Lab Chain
1995 Taken Over Kamal Studio & Colour Lab Chain
2001 Established Snap Colour Lab Pvt. that changed its name as : SRK Creative Pvt. Ltd. in 2006
2001 Launched Digital Colour Lab
2004 Launched Digital Album Making in 2004
2008 Commissioned CMYK Digital Machines: Canon 6000
2011 Commissioned HP Indogo
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