The various types of professional photography make use of different techniques and types of photography equipments and accessors to suite the occasion and subject requirements.

SRK Creative provides wide range of commercial photography services designed to provide our clients high quality photographs of their products or services, with shortest deadlines.

Types of Photography

  • Advertising Photography
  • Model and Actor Portfolio Photography
  • Product / Table Top Photography
  • Catalogue and Brochure Photography
  • Interior and Lifestyle Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Food and Beverage Photography
  • Outdoor Fashion Shoot

Our in-house fully equipped digital photography studios across Mumbai affords us the tight control to provide our clients best quality work at affordable price which is industry's best.

No matter what your photography needs are - whether you need an professional photography, product photography, commercial photography to shoot pictures for customized brochures - we ensure that you get all that under a single roof.

Outdoor Fashion Shoot

We also undertake wide range of commercial celebrity shoots and exclusive outdoor shoots.. Know more


  • PHASE ONE IQ280 - 80 MP Full Frame | Lens: 80 mm, 110 mm
  • PHASE ONE P40 - 40 MP Full Frame
  • NIKON - D800 - 2 Cameras | Lens: 24 - 70 mm, 85 mm , 200 mm
  • CANON - 50 Mark - 111 : Lens: 24 - 70 mm, 70 - 200 mm

Full Service Commercial Photography

We provide a full service commercial photography service in Mumbai, offering digital photography on fully equipped indoor studios or on location. We have 30 years of extensive experience in concept, design and commercial photo styling, that allows us deal with all kinds of commercial projects involving large location productions, to simple compelling catalog shots.

Wedding Photography / Event Photography

Photography for wedding or events demand special photography skills to capture the scenes in original breathtaking moments. Our years of experience in portraiture and professional editing skills allows us deliver exceptionally quality wedding shoots to our clients.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is conducted for advertisements, fashion magazines or product packaging needs. We offer indoor or on-location fashion photography services conducted by our dedicated professional photographers. Fashion photography aims to capture models in a glamorous light displaying fashion items such as clothes, shoes, jewellery and other accessories.

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